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Red Box Events Co.

Bring your events in Brisbane to life.

Red Box Events Co.

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Get to Know Us

The RED BOX Events Team, based out of Brisbane, has years of experience in the fashion, music, sports and entertainment industry. 

Red Box is an experiential agency that brings your events to life and more!

It creates event concepts and sees them through to successful execution, creating engagement and interactive opportunities for both brands and consumers, events and attendees.

The team has immersed itself with understanding the needs of the clients, planning and executing lifestyle and brand-focused events.

Our Services

Bringing your events to life and more!

Speaker in front of a Crowd


We constantly cast our nets out and scour the world for inspirations and ideas. We’re constantly reminded to keep our minds wide and open.

Concert Crowd


Those ideas need to turn into something. We engage in consumer and industry research, plan and work with our clients to customise event concepts that best suit their desires and objectives.

Wedding Table Set


Ideas and concepts mean nothing without good and ideal execution. We take into consideration the overall big picture, the consumer and attendee experience – it always boils down to experience – as well as bringing our clients’ ideals as close to realisation as possible.

Discover innovation, embrace culture, and ignite change through our curated events at Red Box Events Co.

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International Modelling Contest