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About Us

Bringing your events to life and more!

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We walk the talk. We get our share of work-life balance, love our events and me-time; we recharge, and come to work energized, fresh and ready.



We fly into the clouds, start imagining our ideal events and activations, and we work hard to realise these imaginations.


People, their stories and experiences inspire us. So we focus our work on striving to create better experiences for all.

The RED BOX Events Team, based out of Brisbane, has years of experience in the fashion, music, sports and entertainment industry. 

Red Box is an experiential agency that brings your events to life and more!

It creates event concepts and sees them through to successful execution, creating engagement and interactive opportunities for both brands and consumers, events and attendees.

The team has immersed themselves with understanding the needs of the clients, planning and executing lifestyle and brand-focused events.

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