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Fashion Model on Stairs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Q: I don't have any experience. What do I need to do for the auditions? 

A: Bring your gears and most importantly, your confidence! Be punctual for the auditions and there will be official personnel onsite to guide you through the day! 
Relax and good luck!

2.    Q: What time are the auditions starting on 16 April?

A: Audition timings will be emailed to all registrants after the closing of online registration on 14 April. Please check your emails, including the spam folder.

3.    Q: I am aware that the auditions' dressing theme is "Glittering" but what do I really wear?

A: You can wear anything as long as there is something glittery about it! The glitter essence can be on your shoes, hat, dress or even your accessories. 

4.    Q: Do I need to put on high heels? 

A: Absolutely not! We have no restrictions on footwear at the auditions. Please pick the most comfortable footwear that will allow you to walk down the runway with poise and confidence.

5.    Q: At the auditions, do I need to do my own makeup and hair? 

A: At the auditions, hair and makeup will not be provided for. Please kindly arrive at the audition site with your hair and makeup done.

6.    Q: Why do I have to bring a white T-shirt for the auditions? 

A: We will be providing a profile photography session for all contestants. You will need a white T-shirt for the photo shoot.

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