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Fashion Rail

Terms and Conditions

  • Competition Age Group is determined by the Contestant's age as at the date of the audition, being 16 April 2023.

  • Privacy is paramount to Red Box Events Co.. All personal information of the Contestant will remain confidential and will not be released to any third parties, except required by law or relevant authorities.

  • By submitting the application, the Contestant consents to receiving marketing materials from Red Box Events Co. by electronic means through emails or text messages.

  • The competition dates or venue are subject to change due to circumstances outside of Red Box Events Co.'s control, and Red Box Events Co. reserve its rights to make changes without prior notice to the Contestant.

  • By submitting the application, the Contestant is required to complete the competition.

  • In the event the Contestant chooses to withdraw from the competition for any reasons at any time during the competition, the application fee and training costs paid by the Contestant will not be refunded.

  • The Contestant participating in semi final and final's completions are required to attend paid professional modelling training courses, arranged by Red Box Events Co. with a reputable modelling agency, at the Contestant's cost.

  • By submitting the application, the Contestant consents to Red Box Events Co. use of photos and videos taken anytime during the competition for marketing and promotional purposes.

  • The decisions of the judges are final and are not subject to review or appeal.

  • Designer Showcase selections are made at the discretion of the individual designers or brand representatives.  The Contestant must follow the directions given by the individual designer or brand representatives.

  • All rights are reserved by Red Box Events Co..

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